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Jack Peterson's Profile

Jack Peterson

Customers rated Jack Peterson 4 out of 5 based on 11 reviews

With me you will feel in the sky
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when i am in the sea

Apr 3rd @ 11:12am EDT

When I'm at sea I learn to let go of all the things that make my life a bit boring, I learn to channel my energies through the power that exerts in me the sea, its smell, its strength, its infinity, I am a man that I had the fortune of being born in the Colombian Caribbean and I bring in my soul that unique flavor that we have the privileged to be born near the sea.

many looks towards me

Oct 26th @ 9:14am EDT

the last week I was in the gym, it's amazing how all the people around me look at me, men and women wanting to eat me with their eyes

my pasions

Jul 1st @ 9:37am EDT

Throughout my life and I had many different passions starting from the ruggbi, to go through the music (classical music) and today I discovered my true passion rl recreation sport and physical culture that is my true and only passion.

we finished

Apr 10th @ 12:07pm EDT

He had already taken me confidence and no longer trembled, and it was nerves, are no longer obstacles; I had crossed that barrier and my body started rubbing with her, even with clothes she opened her legs and I settle on and in it, pushing my erect to feel her sex penis, my hands touched his buttocks and slowly I climbed to the breasts; the coveted breasts, my kisses and addressed more than his mouth, tender kisses on her cheeks, her face and down her neck soft, I was unbuttoning her blouse and those breasts wanted to be discovered, to be released, as of many, and passes me I unzip and drop hindered her bra, for better to say I could not, fix something she was such a special moment for me and started kissing.

Very passionate and excited I was, she would not stop, I felt a squeeze with his arms and a soulful wail, much pleasure with clothes and at that moment with gentle hugs and more subtle kisses me was, softening, consenting like a , calming my arrechera and giving us a breathing, we were even with pants on, her legs spread and there, refregándonos our sexes.


Already spent more midnight being in this great adventure with my brother's girlfriend, softly told me - it was very beautiful but tonight is fine, was so until there remained this scene, we settled the clothing and home accompany her, I said goodbye as friends we were and went back to my room with my still erect and wet penis, as if, had reached ejaculate but had not realized it was still needed to waiting to be relieved my loyal allies. This was the first time I felt a woman and yet still a virgin.

the bumble

Apr 10th @ 12:04pm EDT

One day at her home after being with my brother, the conversation turned a warmer tone, for now the question was not whether he had a girlfriend, if she had kissed, but I wonder if you'd had sex. In my mind - yeah right with my hands; but not presumed and told her that she had not had sex yet (oh If a virgin), she smiled mischievously, I told him not long ago gave me a kiss and sincere saying that neither had a girlfriend.

It was so the invite to my house and went to my room, alone with the protest to continue the conversation, we sat in chairs in front of my desk tasks was then that between songs I asked if I taught kiss, and it was really not give a kiss. My body shivered and tried to hide the nerves that had she agreed and was so approached me and started giving her tender kisses as already in my fantasies had kissed her, not to be satisfied with it for a second kiss you hard enough around 20 minutes, putting my penis was erect.

They were not tender kisses, his tongue confused with mine and breathing became more agitated, restless something my hands were massaging her back, and she stroked my hair poking his head to feel my mouth against her, as if to eat ; my hands slowly gaining more ground and already covered more than his back, began to gradually lower his waist and a bit more with some fear, but receiving no opposition continued playing, she in turn hugged me and shook guiding they wanted more, suddenly our bodies bent chair where we were, we almost fall, and so still kissing passionately take hands and approached my bed where I pounce on it.

my brother's girlfriend

Apr 10th @ 12:03pm EDT

Young, many had been my fantasies and my hands my best allies; one of my brothers studying at night but lived a block close to where my grandmother, he was four years older than me and had a nice girlfriend of 18, black hair warp, fair complexion, dark, expressive eyes really were very beautiful, 160 tall and slim body but with large breasts and good tail, the only thing that was combined as they say rodillijunta - patiapartada. Anyway I started at the request of my brother accompany his girlfriend (Call it Cata) to the house at night, because they always saw in the afternoon before my brother was studying the College; to me, this woman Cata fascinated me and it was part of the films that made me in my mind to play with myself and give me pleasure.

Cata lived on the second floor next to my house. It was so in every coming and when my brother asked me to accompany Cata home; begin to know and see us with different eyes. Yo, no girlfriend and alone, I asked whether he had a girlfriend in my school, he never saw me with any girl in the neighborhood. I said that if not look bad but go lonelier than a fungus. So the days passed and I kissing my arm or my hands imagining that he kissed her, imagine kiss those breasts that drew in my mind ever since he saw her cute face and neckline reserved.

I did come three times

Apr 10th @ 12:00pm EDT

follow me like no matter hot and more and more to the point q she went to the bathroom and came back and told me q we did at the time the change game, as she told me q turn off the lights did not like the light, and off but it was still very, very shy, did not touch me did nothing, - (Dead Cow) - I do not really inspire anything I thought would be better to have sex with her because this lovely but she did not react to my delicious proposals good order after 15 min or so of bad sex told me that he had been 3 times and I told him I had not yet come to me and usually lasted much more than just that asked me if I saw porn I replied q if and dressed very angry picked up the phone began to put some weird songs with super weird messages for the occasion, like that song that says "filthy rat, animal tracking lalalalararara" eg. hahahahaha to which I said immature !!!! (But I did not say just what I thought) Although we have the same age. We left my apt at 2am you take and on his way home he told me he had been a mistake Glad we rolled up in a loving relationship, and I said already back to my apt woooow that good this frigid or something oq be ....?

my friend

Apr 10th @ 11:58am EDT

After several years of a great friendship which interacted much did things together hundreds of mental connection was very good, and because the truth with anyone else had experienced something similar, she started behaving differently with me was more insistent in their calls , messages, views, so much that all our acquaintances told me she was in love with me and batteries, but the truth at that time was blind, after a few days she confirmed to me once just started talking about how things would be if we were boyfriends and then considering the amount of good things because everything was going well, after days of talks decided to start a relationship, which in view of the many problems she claimed to have help from many ways to make a little more sustainable, because as respect for previous friendship is so great because we did not look like much until one day I decided q slightly change that and be released to her to which she responded in ways that I had not seen anyone like him afraid to have sex with me one day she visited me at my apt.
we were in bed watching movies and after the bb fell asleep I began to seduce very slowly caresses the face neck waist and increasingly ardent kisses to the point q she said q could not do that for q was the rule, which I knew was not true q maso least he remembered when he had arrived.....

excited me

Apr 9th @ 10:20pm EDT

The first motel we saw, we went, we were anxious to get us a good culiada. We entered the room and was very nice. Her dance bar, love machine and a round bed with huge mirror on the ceiling.

When we were there, I stopped at the bar and started dancing. I was removing her dress slowly, I got back and was falling. I was alone with my back thong black strips transparente.Me turned and sat on the sofa, cock the air, I decided to go over it and start it to suck. I spent my tongue up and down. I swallowed whole head. Licking their eggs and Dany just writhed in the excitación.Decidí stop and put my cuquita on his face, he began to run his tongue over the thong and told me it looked cute.

The thong was strips on the sides were tied. In mild form he untied one side and then untied the other, until he fell to the floor and was my cuquita expuesta.Me spent his entire tongue around my lips and clitoris. Was already wet. I climbed Love Machine and began to run his tongue over my lips, sucking my clit was wet, middle two fingers in his cuquita and I masturbated making this dribble, his fingers out what horny white fingers that estaba.Condos of your other hand, I stroked my anito. With my lechecita, wet the anito and began to put two fingers and masturbated behind me. Just did it with two fingers ahead. After a while, I did not take it anymore and had a super orgasm. Shouted what I was pissed.

couple I wish

Mar 26th @ 7:53pm EDT

desire a partner who is not shy and does not care what people think, that fence with me everywhere


Mar 26th @ 7:47pm EDT

I made love as he had never hecho.fue something super rich, I run 3 times


Mar 26th @ 7:40pm EDT

be with someone who does not afraid of anything, and make love muddy oil, moored in bed

something incredible

Mar 2nd @ 7:34pm EST

I can not believe that my penis finally cut it, and now I will Creser much, I'll have a very very grabde penis, and hopefully use it with someone very hot

a new experience

Feb 26th @ 5:44pm EST

in this day tube a fantastic experience, I love wing edge of the sea, had never miss, it was something of another world, that feeling of floating is unique

unexpected morbidity

Feb 26th @ 12:23pm EST

A few days ago we were with a friend to go out partying, and took several months alone, so he wanted to come out and convinced me to go for a drink, we were to meet at 9 59
I left my house and went into the minivan and was coming to chapinero when a very friendly pelao climbed with boy face and glasses I found cute, he looked at me and sat on the back seat where I was, I turn to look and smiled. He had to get off so stop me and headed for the exit he looked at me and motioned me to stay, it went to the last post and I spoke told him I already had it down if I wanted to get off and talk . He got down with me and we started talking, it is was half taken told me that he had been drinking with friends in the office, I told him we took something or go to a more private place and agreed, we entered a booth internet, which is a kind of video, in order ara we kissed and we morbosearamos lent a bit. We entered the site had several types but neither looked and got us to a booth and started kissing took off our shirts and we were very hot naked kissing her neck kissed his ears his chest was rich, he wanted a drink so I went out and buy two beers, between take a little and continue with kisses and caresses, he got his shirt and kiss her chest loosen up and down her pants and her suck his cock that had burst and one 17 cm got me all To Mouth, uff incorporate me and now was he who began stroking my chest, kissing my nipples and under to get my cock and started sucking, sucking yummy, I suck the thing I love eggs, it was a morbid very rich, the sucking me then try to nail it there but it's actually very uncomfortable and failed, we continue kissing like crazy and masturbating was so horny that ran me into his hand, and then I did come, was very rich. My phone was ringing because my friends had already arrived and were waiting for me. We managed and out he went home and I with my friends to rumba.
The following week we keep talking on wathsap. And we discussed the madness that we had done last Saturday we met for cam and morboseamos a bit.

the second appointment with my neighbor

Feb 20th @ 1:49pm EST

The next day I was home alone and remembered what the plug and went to see if he was and what was wrong was about eleven o'clock, rang the bell and opened dressed in a very suggestive gown around the house and as I got I noticed she recrossing those looks of the previous day, stopping at her beautiful breasts. He taught me the plug and fixed it without problems, say well this is already and we started talking, telling me to be her husband always out there were things I could not do until the weekend and complained that did not see Father, bla, bla, bla ...
No how I came not because he trusted her enough to ask that question but I said, Hey I was thinking now is that sleep many nights alone right ?, and responded quickly: If that fixes but my husband when the weekend comes.
I left a little slivers and said, 'Sorry but it was a little silly question,' Do not worry has not bothered me, but hey, because you did? better you were coming your one night to fix that problem, look Well not if I was thinking that when I did it but I would not mind at all.
It had been a while staring at me and me that excites me a lot so I said, 'Look I better go because if I'm not going to mess up,' Your think you'll get her, look I've noticed you many times but I am a married woman and I never thought about being unfaithful, what happens is that I have now learned that my husband has an affair and want to pay in kind, but of course for that too have to love you because I want to and enjoy not just for spite.

my neighbor

Feb 20th @ 1:46pm EST

I spent a long while sucking her nipples and as I did put my hand between her legs caressing her pussy up and down and he thanked releasing more juice, removed entirely her dress and down her panties, wanted her naked, she also removed my shirt and lowered my pants staying alone with my slips, which were also stained by my excitement ".wanna play
Ever had thought about it but never attracted me too though is the typical blond and with a quite acceptable body, but one day when I came home her there talking to my mother was and I was watching her, would be for her clothes but I could perceive I had perfect tits and good, was not bad overall, and was complaining that her husband spent so much time outside.
We crossed a couple of looks and do not know but I started to look differently.
That afternoon dropped to ask one thing I needed, I opened the door and told me if I could climb a moment to see a plug that had broken and needed it so I could not wait to come your husband, I said yes which at that time could not but when might rise.

finish is his ass

Feb 20th @ 1:42pm EST

She got on all fours, and left me to penetrate his anus. At first I went very well, and that caused him little moans of pain, not wanting to hurt her, but those screams were driving me crazy. I decided that maybe it was best lubrificarla the first year. I had no experience but what he had seen once in a porn video. I started besárselo then penetrate, after this maneuver his ass was dilated enough and my cock had free rein in one of his most intimate and morbid part.
It was amazing, she screamed to give him stronger and I was getting crazier. I ended up running down my inside his ass and she asked me to suck the clitoris, to which I agreed very tasteful way. He had an incredible orgasm and were embraced for a long time. That fort had gotten fuck the mother of my friend.
It was now 6:00 am and I was afraid that my friend will catch me there, so I said goodbye, but not before promising to repeat ourselves again. One of my best experiences of sex and love, was much more than just dust.
for several days we returned to do is some of the best that happened to me and my friend never forgive me

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